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The Music Complex

The Music Complex is a site that features Mega Music Resources. We also feature the music of Cavalier Productions and its clients. Get the latest music info emailed to you. Join our List!

Cavalier Productions is a Los Angeles-based music company. We provide services for individuals and businesses. Services for, Jingles, Music Education, Midi, Performance groups, Jazz, Demos, Guest Speakers, Web pages, Software, and Music transcriptions.

Please take time to explore the music resources on this site.

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The Music Complex:

The Band Room is dedicated to Marching and Concert bands.
The Contact Board is an organized music link database.
CD Music is where the latest hits are displayed. Order/Browse music and Videos.
The Jazz Room is dedicated to jazz subjects.
The Library is our BarnesandNoble book store display.
Links are our suggested favorites.
The Midi Lounge is the place for Midi files.
The Orchestra Room is dedicated to composers and orchestral music.
Realaudio is featured here.
The Resource Room is Cavalier's place to offer services and help.

Outstanding Resources!

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