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A dynamic new 8 piece jazz ensemble in concert.

Saturday, July 26, 1997, 3-6 PM




John Davis: Saxes, Flute, Keyboard, Percussion.

Greg Broadous: Keyboards.

Herb McMullen: Keyboards.

Mike Ybaben: Saxes, Drums, Percussion.

Reggie Carson: Basses.

Joe Bonuito: Guitars.

Jack Grimerger: Drums.

Devell Riley: Electronic Percussion, Drums.




The recently formed ensemble, NEW CENTURY will be in concert outdoors at the Gardena Community Center, 1700 W. 162nd Street (162nd & Western) in Gardena, CA., Saturday, July 26, 1997 from 3 to 6 PM. This jazz concert is sponsored by the Gardena Valley Cultural Arts Corporation (GVCAC). and is free to the public. This concert is given in part by GVCAC's mission statement which includes (1) to increase public awareness of the importance of the arts, and (2) to produce a variety of cultural programs.

The musicians in New Century all have a quality that is perfect for the concept that John Davis had in mind. All are multi-instrumentalists and have the desire to perform music that will experiment with rhythm and harmony. Several alternative methods of harmonic organization and metrical frameworks have been widely exploited in 20th-century music. New Century hopes to continue this evolution of new ways to look at music and particularly jazz.

These musicians have the background of teachers (4 members), bebop jazz, classical, gospel, hip hop, and blues. New Century is committed to fusion and the use of electronic as well as acoustic instruments with definite experimentation in, what John feels, will be the greatest impact on jazz in the 21st century, rhythm and harmony. Listeners can expect finger popping, head-nodding, toe tapping swinging original jazz. All of the music is written by the band members.


"Paranoid" is a composition by John that has a repetitive phrase which is first stated by guitar and piano. On top of this phrase is a bass melody played by Mykal. This soon develops into the entire ensemble playing the repetitive phrase that soon makes listeners feel as if someone is looking over their shoulder...paranoid.

"Night Dance", by Greg, is a beautiful mid-tempo ballad. This one will leave you feeling good about life in general. The guitar in the group is used as a melodic instrument first, harmonic instrument second, so expect the guitar to play with the saxes on all melodies.

"Tipsy", by John, is a up-tempo burner with Joe stretching out on guitar. The rhythm and title comes from watching an inebriated fellow trying to walk down the street.


You will hear other compositions by the other members. Don't miss this event. Bring your lawn chair with you for an enjoyable, exciting concert.

NEW CENTURY is produced by Cavalier productions. Future performances scheduled in Fullerton, Laguna, and Long Beach. The group will be recording their first CD this fall.


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