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Addicted to Noise CD Reviews

Allstar Reviews

Altair 5

Alternative Rock World Reviews

Billboard Spotlight Reviews

Bob Tarte's Technobeat Archives - over 450 world music reviews from Bob's column in The Beat magazine.

Chemical Peel - dedicated to introducing everyone to new bands.

Christian Music Review Headquarters - all styles from rock to pop, alternative to contemporary.

Consumable - webzine predominantly featuring reviews of new releases and concerts.

Cyber Sturg - R&B, rap, and hip-hop stuff! Album info, charts, sounds, and more!

Daily Vault, The - classic albums reviewed for modern times.

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange - Wide variety of folk and acoustic music reviewed by a large international cadre of volunteer writers.

For Those About To Rock - a forum for reviews.

Forklift Reviews

Green Mountain Music Review

Hello Springfield - live reviews updated monthly.

Hype! Rock Reviews

iMusic CD Reviews - uses the News Agent to gather CD reviews from a variety of sources.

Internet Music Review Service, The - independant source for unbiased reviews of new music releases.

Jam Music's Latest Reviews - reviewers include John Sakamoto, Paul Cantin and Jane Stevenson. All the latest and greatest get the "out of five" rating.

Limbo Cafe

Luna Sol CD Reviews - musically savvy music reviews.

Mostly Music - Michael Stutz's online review sheet.

MTV Online Reviews - of concerts and albums. updated monthly.

Music Central Reviews

Music Online Reviewer - all the music categories covered.

Music Reviews - from the Review For All Seasons archive. - eight top Australian music journalists tell you what's worth buying and what's not.

NJO Music This Week

Papermag's Guide to Dope Discs - a selective list of current picks ranging from Alternative to Hip Hop to Country to Industrial.

Pillowfight RecordViews - dedicated to bringing you the finest in recorded music commentary.

Popular Music Reviews - music reviews of various bands in the rock, alternative, and many other genres.

Randy Krbechek Metronews Music Reviews - including new pop, rock, country, folk, blues, and children's music.

Shake It Up - devoted to power pop reviews and news.

Smokin' Joes Garage - pull in for a tune up on the latest CD's.

SonicNet Reviews - reviews albums and concerts in LA, DC, NYC, Boston and Chicago each week and places them in an ever growing archive.

Spinal Column

Trouser Press Record Guide - Internet edition of Ira Robbins's underground classic but out-of-print music encyclopedia.

Wall of Sound: CD Reviews

Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews - they "listen to lousy records so you won't have to." Reviews of funk, Latin/Jazz and pop from the 50's to the present.

X.Static - features music and video reviews and an advice Q&A section.


Index - eMusic Bass - frames-based index to specific music reviews.


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